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We are intentional about all of today's families finding the American dream regarding real estate. To love your home is to love your neighborhood and to love your community too. The group of professionals on the team have the heart to meet the most important wants and needs of buyers and sellers in a real and fresh approach by a commitment of providing remarkable representation to achieve their dream. 

"Our commitment is based on our experience representing the wants and needs of discerning buyers and savvy sellers of San Diego coastal and country properties in the last 20 years."

Merlin Wagner has built a real estate business on the foundation of helping people and providing service and value outside of what they may be worth to him. His clients and their associates always come first because of the human connection behind what he’s offering. Merlin is the service and the value his clients buy, not just the product. And this is what makes Merlin remarkable to his clients. People cannot be approached generically and with assumptions that most people are in the same market segment. People are not cut from a cookie-cutter. Merlin’s approach to every person is handled uniquely and given highly personalized engagement and fully customized service. By this, Merlin is redefining service in real estate. As an example, clients have requested the sale of their home to remain private and undisclosed. What mattered most was to keep his clients private life private and unknown by public networks. Merlin’s clients value his discretion and his fierce approach to remain focus on their most important wants and needs. The white-glove service is on for the first-time discerning home buyer to the savvy high-net worth ultra-exclusive individual.

His team of professionals that work closely with him handles all the tech, perform all the leg work and background processing. This support releases Merlin to work hard for his clients and to give all his attention to them. Merlin prefers to work with about dozen clients at a time. More than that would jeopardize his ability to provide the highly personalized approach his clients expect.

Real estate requires the human touch. Technology can disrupt an industry, but it cannot replace the agent needed to perform the duties and responsibilities to ensure the standard of care his clients demand. Merlin can leverage technology to serve himself and his clients, but it will never supersede the high standard of care and the highly personalized engagement and fully customized service he gives to his clients and friends. 

"Merlin’s approach to every person is handled uniquely and given highly personalized engagement and fully customized service."


Our Team at Wagner Real Estate

“Merlin Wagner is a man of integrity. He is honest and trustworthy! He excels in whatever he does. I highly recommend him in any of your real estate transactions.” 

“Merlin was nothing short of exceptional to work with. He managed the sale of my home in San Diego during the mess of the real estate market. He worked in our best interest and went above and beyond the call of duty.” 

“Merlin Wagner our #1 Broker / Real Estate Agent who helped me and my wife get out of a huge predicament when we had fallen way behind in our mortgage payments.”  

“Flawless and the best dream-maker! You’ve help us find homes, sell homes and buy again flawlessly.”  

“#1 Agent, 007 Merlin! Thank you for helping us to find the perfect home…Yay! You’re a rock star!”   

“Tremendous real estate expertise, high integrity and his ability to solve complex problems. I am Merlin’s client for life.” 


Merlin's team of professionals that work closely with him handles the technology, perform all the leg work and background processing. That makes it possible for Merlin to work hard on what matters most to his clients which includes focusing and giving all his attention to them.  

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